2020 School Night for Scouting and Fall Recruitment

2020 School Night for Scouting and Fall Recruitment

Fall Recruitment Resources and More

The 2020 School Night for Scouting makes it easy for kids to join Scouting at any elementary school in the state! On September 24, from 6-7 pm, at every elementary school in our council, youth can show up and register in-person for Cub Scouts. Or, they can head to JoinCubs.org to join anytime.

This is our biggest recruitment effort of the year. In that vein, we've prepared a variety of materials to help your pack, troop, or crew! Use the different tabs on this page to find materials you can print or use the button below to order materials from our office.

Recruitment Materials Request Form

Inflatable Archery Range Reservation

Did you know we have portable, inflatable, safe archery ranges that can be reserved for your Scouting recruitment event? Please work with the Program Relations Executive in your district for approval and then fill out the following form.

Mobile Archery Range Information and Reservation

Please visit the following page for more information (including the manual and range instructions) on this ranges. Mobile Archery Range Page


Get trained for School Night for Scouting by completing this online form and watching a video!

Online Training Videos Scoutlook Image ToolSocial Media Kit

You can find materials specific to Cub Scout recruitment below. As we get closer to fall, more items will be added.

Create or Get Images for Social Media

Create a custom image to invite people to your pack outing using our Scoutlook image creation tool!

Scoutlook Image ToolSocial Media Kit

You can find materials specific to Scouts BSA, Venturing, and Sea Scouts recruitment below. As we get closer to fall, more items will be added. Additionally, we hope that your troop or crew will consider running a new member event or welcoming new Scouts who join Cub Scouts or Scouts BSA. The below materials have a variety of suggestions or tips for doing so.

While local efforts, and a one-on-one conversation, is still the best way to recruit young boys and girls into Scouting, we're preparing a council-wide marketing effort to help you as much as possible! Below are just some of the examples that you may see out and about in your community.

As they're created, we'll share some of those items on this page to give you an idea of what's out there. We're still working on our marketing efforts for 2020, but below you can see some of what we've done in the past.

Examples of Marketing Campaign from Last Year's (2019) Campaign

  • Social media messaging, including paid advertising and boosted posts with Facebook and Instagram targeted at families with young children
  • Geofenced Internet advertisements, primarily targeted to parents visiting elementary schools in our council
  • Radio ads with iHeart Media, headed by Dave Ryan of KDWB - a Scouting volunteer and parent
  • Retargetting efforts - images shown to people on other websites after visiting JoinCubs.org
  • Dozens of press releases annd newspaper stories submitted to local newspapers
  • Sponsored blog posts with Twin Cities Mom's Blog, discussing the benefits of Scouting and how to join
  • School and Community Education advertisements
  • Google Ads, thanks to the Google Ad Grants network
  • Hundreds of boosted Facebook events created for every school hosting a Join Scouting night, with local information.

This, and more, is being done to help get the word out. If you have suggestions or ideas, reach out! Remember, these efforts are only one part of an overall campaign. You can help by sharing our posts and spreading what you see.

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2020 School Night for Scouting and Fall Recruitment

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