24th World Scout Jamboree Saw Thousands

109 Scouts from Northern Star Attended

This past summer 109 Scouts and Scouters from Northern Star Scouting enjoyed a once in a lifetime opportunity to take part in a World Scout Jamboree. An official event of the World Organization of the Scouting Movement (WOSM), the 24th World Scout Jamboree brought together 40,000 Scouts from over 170 countries to the Summit Bechtel Reserve in West Virginia. The 24th World Scout Jamboree was hosted jointly by Scouts Canada, the Asociacion de Scouts de Mexico, and the Boy Scouts of America. In addition to the Scouts and Scouters from Northern Star Scouting participating in the event, 35 Northern Star Scouting volunteer leaders served in various staff roles, helping to provide leadership to the US contingent, supporting program and logistics, and many other roles.

While at the World Scout Jamboree, Scouts had the opportunity to partake in wide array of activities. One of the premier experiences for all Scouts was participating in the high adventure activities offered at the Summit Bechtel Reserve, including zip lining, hiking to Mt. Jack, shooting sports, climbing, mountain biking, and so much more. Jamboree-specific events included the Cultural Celebration Day, where Scouts from around the world shared music, dance, games and food in a celebration of the diversity of cultures represented at the event. Even outside of the Cultural Celebration Day, Scouts and Scouters from Northern Star had the opportunity to travel the world each day by interacting with contingents from all over the globe while participating in program and relaxing in their sub camp. One of the other highlight experiences of the 24th World Scout Jamboree was the Centro Mondial, which featured activities and interactive exhibits relating to the host nations, faith and beliefs, the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and global citizenship in the 21st century. To further the awareness of life in the 21st century and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, the Jamboree included a Global Development Village. The Global Development village was a unique space that allowed Scouts to both learn and teach new skills to each other throughout the Jamboree experience, fostering inter-cultural and experience awareness and help bring to light the issues and challenges facing humanity today.

Outside of the scheduled activities, many Scouts from Northern Star discovered that the impromptu encounters and fellowship with Scouts from around the world could make for just as enjoyable and memorable a Jamboree experience. Scouts returning from the Jamboree from our contingent spoke of a miniature World Cup soccer tournament that popped-up in the Alpha Sub Camp, run by a neighboring Italian Scout troop. Such spontaneous competitions and exchanges marked an event that truly demonstrated the unity that is felt by all Scouts that share a common bond regardless of borders.

A heartfelt thanks to each of the adult unit leaders and the 35 staff members that it made it possible for all of the attendees of the Jamboree to Unlock a New World at the Summit this past summer. For those interested in being a part of the adventure that is a World Scout Jamboree, we hope you will considering joining us in South Korea for the 25th edition on 2023.

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24th World Scout Jamboree Saw Thousands

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