Editing Video for Unit Meetings

Editing Video for Unit Meetings

Editing techniques and tools anyone can use

As a unit leader you may have a tip, trick or technique you want to pass along to your scout.  You can create a short video to share it with your scouts.  We have a short video that demonstrates the basics.


There are free editing tools built into most devices.   “Video Editor” on Windows 10 devices, and “iMovie” on Apple devices including iphone. There are others available on-line, but the included tools are very easy to use for first time editors. Both allow you to edit together video, photos and to place titles into your video.

Pro Tips:

if using a phone… Always hold it horizontally.  

Audio matters:  If using the microphone on the device, make sure to reduce background noise as much as possible.  The mic hears everything more clearly than you do.

Lighting:  Make sure you are not standing in front of a light source or window.   You want the brightest light (the sun) in front of you. 

Do not use copyrighted images or music in your video.

Youth protection:

If you use photo clips of scouts, do not include their last names.  Always ensure there is two deep leadership when producing an event and you have permission to film youth.  All videos should show Scouts and leaders following designated appropriate guidelines and wearing proper attire for whatever activity is being undertaken in the video.

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