2023 District Annual Meeting and Registration of District Members

Purpose To elect a District Membership Chair and District Committee Members.

Those eligible to vote

  1. Chartered Organization Representatives currently representing chartered organizations within the district’s geographical boundaries and to register members of the District’s Commissioner Staff.    
  2. Registered district members duly elected at the last annual district committee meeting.
  3. Registered council committee members residing in the district. 

Timing The district annual committee meeting should be conducted in the month prior to the council annual meeting of May 10, 2023.


  • “Friendstorming” sessions take place in the district.
  • Determine date, time and location of District Annual Meeting and Election and provide that information to the Assistant Director of Field Service.
  • 30 days before the Annual District Meeting, District Scouters are to be notified by the District Executive when and where the District Annual Meeting will take place.
  • 30 days before the Annual District Meeting, District Scouters are to be notified by the District Executive on how to submit suggested names to be considered for inclusion on the District Annual Meeting ballot/slate.


  • The District Executive serves as the staff adviser to create the ballot/slate comprised of nominees for District Membership Chair, district members, and Unit Commissioners.
  • A nominee for the position of District Commissioner is also placed on the ballot/slate for the approval of the Council Executive Board.  
  • The “Friendstorming” Committee will agree on the ballot/slate and will also secure the nominees’ permission to stand for election and to serve on the District Committee if elected.


  • District Annual Meeting ballots/slates are reviewed by Field Directors prior to the District Annual Meeting/Election.
  • District Annual Meetings and Elections take place.
  • At the District Annual Meeting the District Membership Chair conducts the elections.
    • The district ballot/slate of the committee’s nominees for district members are presented; call for a motion, second, and vote. 
    • The district ballot/slate of the nominees for District Membership Chair is presented; call for a motion, second, and vote.
      • The proposed District Commissioner’s name goes on the slate / ballot of district members but is nominated for appointment and approval as District Commissioner by the Council Executive Board and with the concurrence of the Scout Executive.  The slate / ballot should include “District Commissioner Nominee”. The District Commissioner is not elected at the district annual meeting. 
    • To provide a fair and orderly nominating process, nominations will not be accepted from the floor at the time of election.
    • Vote of the majority of the members present at the district meeting is required for the annual election to pass.
    • Newly elected members take office immediately following the district annual meeting.
  • At the conclusion of the District Annual Meeting and Election the ballot/slate is turned in to the Assistant Director of Field Service to have all members registered for their new position.
    • District and council members who have a paid registration in a unit will not need to register in Black Pug. We will use the information provided from the District ballot / slate to register them for their position.


  • Turn in District ballot / slate by May 1, 2023.
  • Registrars begin registering district volunteers for their position.

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