About Health Forms

Scout Safety and Well-Being

Completing the Annual Health and Medical Record Form is the first step in ensuring you have a great (and safe) Scouting experience.

Who needs a Health and Medical Record?

All participants (youth or adult) that plan on attending a weekend camping trip, week long summer camp, or high adventure activity need a health and medical record. There are three different parts to the Annual Health and Medical Record Form. You'll fill out one or more sections based on the type and length of activity/camping trip you are planning to attend:

  • Activity or camping trip less than 72 hours
  • Resident camp (summer or winter camps) lasting  more than 72 hours (pre-participation physical is needed)
  • BSA High Adventure Base (pre-participation physical is needed)

Use the National BSA's 'Annual Health and Medical Record Form No. 680-001' link under the forms section on this page to download the part(s) you need from the National BSA website.

Why is a Health and Medical Record Needed?

Your experience in Scouting is important to us. By completing the form it allows camp staff and your adult leaders to know any medical history they should be aware of during an emergency medical situation. It also helps ensure you are physically ready to enjoy some of the activities that are part Scouting.