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The University of Scouting is a fun-filled, hands-on opportunity to network and learn with over 500 Scouters. This one-day supplemental training event was created for all Cub Scout, Scouts BSA, Venturing, and Sea Scout leaders, plus Scouts BSA, Venturing, or Sea Scout youth regardless of experience. The University of Scouting takes place on a Saturday in April and October. Be the best leader you can be - attend the next University of Scouting!

The next University of Scouting coming Saturday, October 28.

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Seven Colleges Provide Course Offerings

Choose from over 100 courses with an emphasis on programs, skills, and resources to deliver high quality opportunities to the Scouting youth. New leader and position specific training is offered, making this a great way to get all your leaders trained. A vendor midway offers lots of exciting program resources, materials, and ideas for you to browse. The Scout Shop will also have a store open at the event.


  • Four colleges are devoted to Scouting programs - Cub Scouts, Scouts BSA, Venturing, and Sea Scouting.
  • The General College offers classes of interest to Scouters across all programs.
  • The Youth Leadership College (YLC) offers classes for youth who are interested in expanding their leadership skills.
  • College of Youth Advancement and Knowledge.

New Extension Program!

In-person training is not for everyone, nor is the date or location convenient for all. As part of our commitment to reach the widest possible audience (because “Every Scout deserves a trained leader”) we decided to add a variety of learning methods to our toolkit. 
Our first new initiative is the addition of a series of online classes to reach busy Scout Leaders who may find online learning more convenient. We’re working to add other features, such as self-service learning via created and curated online content, in order to provide just-in-time knowledge for curious learners. Elective speciality in-person courses will also be offered at various times throughout the year. 

traditional In-person University of Scouting

Our in-person University of Scouting will continue twice a year. We have decided to move our College of Cub Scouting away from the Spring event and into the extension program, hopefully a move that will yield a higher utilization of our offerings. The Fall session will include offerings from all of our program-specific Colleges.

Questions and Ideas

Questions about the University of Scouting, have ideas for classes, or interested in teaching? Use the contact information below!

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