After School Programs

Fun Scouting Activities After School

Scouting operates in various schools, community entities, and recreation centers providing youth adventurous Scouting experience in an after-school setting.

What takes place in after-school Scouting?

Students explore and learn through hands-on activities like science projects, arts and crafts, and outdoor games designed to excite and engage. Students learn about good citizenship and character development while having fun in the world around them.

How often do we meet?

Groups are made up of similar aged youth and typically meet once a week. Each site differs slightly depending on the location.

Who can join?

Boy and girls are welcome to join. Most programs work with elementary aged kids but there are some programs for middle and high school students, too.

What is the cost?

Most students can attend after-school Scouting for free and all materials are provided. Occasionally, youth will have the opportunity to go on a field trip such as camping (day trips and overnight) or participate in a Pinewood Derby race. These activities have a small fee.

Does the program include parents and/or guardians?

All of the after-school Scouting programs are led by paid program staff. Parents and guardians are welcome to join as volunteers for the activities and field trips.

How do we join?

Schools, community education, or recreation centers interested in partnering with our After School Programs should contact our after-school Scouting coordinator directly at 763-231-7237. We'll help get you started and sign up youth through your organization.

After School Programs