AirVenture 2022

Explorers from Post 237 & 521 attended the 2022 AirVenture at the Oshkosh Airshow July 25-31, 2022.

Nine Explorers from Northern Star Scouting represented Posts 521 and 237.

The night before the show officially opened, Mother Nature brought her own show with high winds and pouring rain that flattened many of the tents and soaked much of the gear.

Thankfully little damage happened and everyone had enough extra gear to sleep dry that evening. The next day was sunny and warm and we were able to get everything dried out in time for the rest of the event.

The Explorers performed a variety of duties including keeping an active taxiway clear during aircraft movement, helping move aircraft in and out of parking, assisting with aircraft taxi operations, and recording aircraft arrivals and departures.

We were also able to get an Explorer from each post into a backstage tour of the one-week wonder aircraft build where the Explorers were able to see what went on behind the scenes of building an aircraft from start to finish in one week at AirVenture. They were then able to put in some rivets, contributing to the build, and all the Explorers were able to sign their names on the airplane, preserved for the future owner.

As is the case every year, the Explorers had reserved, center seating for the Wednesday night airshow and fireworks display where we all sit as a group right at the flight line.

These are the highlights from Advisor Mike Miller’s perspective. The Explorers also had the opportunity to meet new Explorers from all over the country and re-connect with friends met in previous years.

AirVenture 2022