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Do you ever want to work at a council Boy Scout Camp for only one weekend?  Do you Ever want to spend a winter night in a cabin in the woods?  You and your wife or a couple of buddies can hang out for a weekend.  Do you like the feel of the cold crisp air on a winter morning?  Well, it is yours when you sign up to campmaster at a Northern Star Council camp.

Campmasters stay in a heated building that has a full kitchen, living room with a fireplace and TV.  They have a bathroom with a shower, and bedrooms.  All you need to bring is food, a sleeping bag and a good book.

Duties for a campmaster are as follows:

  • Work with ranger, checking in units Friday night and check out units on Sunday morning.
  • Check on units to ensure they have the supplies needed for the weekend.
  • Check on units to ensure they follow BSA policies and they respect the camps.
  • Offer unit leaders assistance with programing when needed.           
  • Work with the ranger on other duties as assigned.

Training for campmasters is provided for all new campmasters.  Some camps have review training every 6 months.

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