Duty to God Scholarship

​Kay and Bill Davies have been extremely generous both with their time, and moral and financial support to Northern Star Scouting.

Kay’s family has been in Scouting for many years. Kay’s father along with four of her brothers are Eagle Scouts. Their two sons and grandson are Eagle Scouts as well. Bill, while not a Scout in his formative years, is a solid supporter of both Northern Star Scouting, and the National BSA where he served as chair of the National Catholic Committee on Scouting.

Recently they added to their longtime support by establishing a Duty to God Scholarship to recognize extraordinary commitment to the Duty to God oath of the Scout Law. They previously established a Duty to God scholarship for the National Catholic Committee on Scouting and wished to honor Northern Star Scouting with a similar gift.

Thank you, Bill and Kay, for your extraordinary leadership!

Duty to God Scholarship