How Do I Report/Record Adult Position Changes?

Take On Another Role

There are many times an adult position may change. Moving from a pack to a troop, for an example, or becoming a den leader for the next program level in Cub Scouting. You might becoming a district level volunteer, or have a Boy Scout or Venturer turning 18. The situations are endless.

There are two distinct versions of taking on a new position, and it affects how you approach the process.

How to add a new position if it's in a unit where you're already registered

If you are taking on a new role in a pack, troop,or crew where you are already registered (i.e. currently a Den Leader and becoming a Cubmaster, or currently an Assistant Scoutmaster and becoming the Troop Committee Chair), then you can fill out a Change of Position Form. This form indicates your previous position, your future position, and requires the signatures of Committee Chair and Charter Org Rep. However, it does not require you to fill out a new adult application.


Start by filling out the Boy Scouts of America Adult Application. Make sure you fill out the information completely, including birth date, social security number, and by answering questions on the right hand side regarding references and personal background questions.

While it might seem redundant since you're already an adult volunteer, it's still necessary.

Then, turn in your application to the Committee Chair of your pack, troop or Crew, and any membership fees that are associated with your application. Your Committee Chair is responsible for the unit approval of the application, as well as getting approval form the charter partner. Your Committee Chair will also ensure that your applications is turned into our Scout Service Centers for processing.

District Position Changes

If your position change is at a district level, or a council level, the process is very similar. Start by filling out your application as above, and then turn in your application to the individual responsible for giving leadership in that area. For example, if you are volunteering on a Commissioner staff, turn in your application to your District Commissioner. If you are volunteering for a district committee position, turn in your application to your District Chair. Your district level volunteers will see to it that your application gets processed through the Scout Service Center.

Final Tips

Finally, if you are serving in more than one position, you should have an application approved and turned in for EACH position. This does mean additional paperwork, but the good news is that you only need to pay a registration fee for your primary position!

If you have any remaining questions regarding applications, back ground checks, or membership fees, please contact one of our registrars at (612) 261-2304.