How Does Scouting Serve the Whole Family?

Take Advantage of the Wide Range of Opportunities Available

Welcome to the adventure of Scouting! Whether this is your first experience or you've had a child involved for several years, our hope is that you'll take advantage of the wide range of opportunities available for the whole family. Many member meetings, events and activities are designed to include brothers, sisters, and even extended family members.

Scouting offers:

  • A large number of program levels suited to age and maturity that are family friendly
  • Family activities, both formal and informal, at your pack/troop/crew as well as offered by the district and council
  • Camps and camping for groups, individuals, and whole families
  • Leadership training courses at all levels
  • Service projects that address community needs
  • World class high adventure bases from the Boundary Waters to the Florida Keys
  • International trips and exchanges within the world brotherhood of Scouting
  • College scholarships for Eagle Scouts, Venturers, and Explorers
  • Discounts at selected outdoor stores for Scouting related items

More details on all of these opportunities are found right here on our website.

Your Role as a Parent

Parent involvement varies depending on the program and ages of members. Direct engagement is highest in Cub Scouting, as is involvement of the whole family in pack meetings, activities and events, and decreases as members grow and their responsibility for program leadership and implementation increases. There are ways you can help at all levels including:

  • Show an interest in your son's/daughter's Scouting activities, accomplishments and achievements. Recognize their successes and the learning along the way.
  • Make Scouting adventures family events, taking part together in pack meetings, troop courts of honor and Venturing gatherings.
  • Help your child advance through the ranks, whether by working together on awards found in the Cub Scout books or by serving as a resource as your Venturer plans a Crew trip.
  • Take part in outdoor adventures together. Be an adult partner for Cub Scout camp; join other Scouting families at a unit family camp; serve as a driver of even as an assistant leader for a pack, troop or crew outing.
  • Support your member's volunteer leaders. If everyone pitches in a little, the experience is improved for everyone. Help is needed for simple things like phone calling, managing the popcorn sale, and driving to activities.

Childhood flies by! Take the time now to build memories you'll talk about at family dinners for the rest of your lives.

How Does Scouting Serve the Whole Family?