Join the Special Needs and Disabilities Committee

The Northern Star Scouting Special Needs and Disabilities Committee provides training, resources, and support to educate and engage leaders, volunteers, and staff to ensure understanding and inclusion for youth of all abilities in all units of the council.

If your unit has questions or concerns regarding a Scout with a disability or special need our committee is here to help! We have several resources and are happy to act as a guide to you and your unit or family. We offer several training opportunities throughout the year including classes at University of Scouting as well as in district training options.

Please reach out to our Staff Advisor Suzannah Stulberg-Rudesill at [email protected] if you have questions, need assistance in this area, or if you are interested in getting involved in the committee. 

Contact us

Suzannah Stulberg-Rudesill

District Director (Special Programs)