Join Us for Summer Camp as an All Star!

​​Do you want to attend multiple weeks of summer camp? Do you want to stay at both Many Point and Tomahawk Scout Camps in the same year? Is your unit not going to summer camp this year, but you still do? The All Star program is your solution!

In the All Star program, Scouts who come to camp as individuals or small groups will form a unit with other youth in the program. Our veteran camp staff act as the adult leadership to guide Scouts through the week. This means that parents don't need to attend with their child, but they are more than welcome to if they wish to join us! 

Each Scout gets the same opportunities they would get if they came with a troop. For example, the All-Star program includes food, programming, and the same opportunities for older Scout programs that participants have when they attend with their troop. There's an added benefit to being an All Star too! Participants attending Tomahawk Scout Camp can sign up for merit badges and older Scout programs starting March 1st, whereas non-All Star Scouts can start signing up for programs in April. 

Either Many Point or Tomahawk is hosting a session of All Star every week starting from June 18th and ending August 19th, except for the week of July 2nd to the 8th (the week of the 4th of July). For more information on the All Star programs of both Many Point and Tomahawk or to sign up, head to their websites using the links below! 

Many Point All Star Program:

Tomahawk All Star Program:

Join Us for Summer Camp as an All Star!