Local Scout Troop Steps Up to Help a Community Member in Need

Troop 3007 of Blaine, MN showed their community what it means to be a Scout when a community member reached out in need of help clearing out the home of a family member who passed. They offered a donation in return for the Scouts assistant. The Scouts chose to turn down the donation as they felt "a good deed should be done without payment" according to Scoutmaster Adam Grau. He went on to tell the legend of the Unknown Scout who inspired William D. Boyce to bring Scouting back to America:

Boyce, an American businessman, found himself lost in the fog in London. A Scout appeared from the mist and helped him find his way. When offered payment, he refused because he believed it was his duty to help those in need. He disappeared without giving Boyce his name, but the encounter stuck with him. He would end up bringing Scouting across the Atlantic to America because of it.


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The Scouts showed up to the home, smiles on their faces and ready to help. as they cleared out the basement stiff-bucket brigade style. This quickly drew the attention of the neighbors, and soon people were coming out to chat with the Scouts and leaders — sharing wisdom and insight on the items they were helping move. Afterwards, Scoutmaster Grau received a letter of thanks from the community member. It read:

“Dear Boy Scout Troop 007,

On behalf of our entire family, I want to thank you for coming to my parent's house and moving 57 years’ worth of family "treasures'' out of their basement. This was a daunting task and the Troop members, the Troop leaders, and parents took the task to heart with smiles, laughter, fun and enthusiasm. I could not have asked for a better group to work with, nor a better outcome. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Adam and Mitch, thank you for taking this on, presenting the project to the Troop, coordinating the effort and making it happen. So very appreciative...

Drew, Oh my gosh, taking the leadership role, explaining the project to the troop and providing the on-site guidance and supervision, impressive. Following through all the way to the end where you even offered to haul the chairs back into the garage after we were done. You are an outstanding youth leader! Thank you.

To the troop leaders and parents, I have no words...I never expected anyone to haul the heavy items upstairs, nor clean up the mess afterwards, you went way above and beyond. I am so appreciative of your help. And even more impressed with how you work together with the boys. What great role models you are. You are doing a great service for this community. Thank you.

To the boys, you are the very, very best. Thank you. You took this task on without hesitation, and without compensation. You jumped in full force, you worked super hard and made it fun. You are outstanding young men and I will follow you on Facebook to see what other adventures your troop takes on.

With my grateful appreciation...thank you for helping our family.” 

Scoutmaster Grau wants everyone to think of this act of kindness when they think of Scouting. A community member was in need and the Scouts stepped up to help without asking for anything in return — just like the Unknown Scout did on that foggy London night over 100 years ago. This is what Scouting is all about!

Local Scout Troop Steps Up to Help a Community Member in Need