Moving From Arrow of Light Scouts to Scouts BSA

Graduate To A New Program

During your Cub Scout's 5th grade year, they will "transition" into Scouts BSA. Let's talk about how simple the process can be.

Summer before 5th Grade

The summer between 4th grade and 5th grade should have a trip to 5th grade Webelos Camp at Arrow of Light Camp, hosted at Tomahawk Scout Camp. The program at these camps highlight how great Scouts is and will get your kids excited about the next step!

Meeting with the Scouts BSA troop

Just like you're in a Cub Scout pack, kids who are 11 and older are in a Scouts BSA troop.

In August or September as you start the 5th grade year, your den needs to establish contact with a local troop. This contact should be initiated by the troop, but it doesn't hurt for you to reach out to two or three troops yourself.

So, what do you do with that Scouts BSA troop? You meet with them throughout the fall and have your den meetings on the same night and location as their troop meetings (which happen weekly). This helps ease the transition between the two programs.

You can also go on campouts and start integrating with the troop.

Arrow of Light Crossover

Once December rolls around, you can "crossover" to that troop. Crossover means officially join the troop. The "crossover" process happens at some point between December through March.

It's up to your den when this transition takes place.

Each youth will need to have some paperwork processed as you are changing units (from the pack to the troop). There are two option for the Webelos transition which can be found here.

Summer Camp

It's critical that your 5th grade Scouts get signed up for summer camp that first summer as well. If kids get to camp with their new troop, they are going to have a TON of fun and can start working on merit badges and rank advancement!

Simple Process Summary for Arrow of Light Scouts (5th Grade)

  • August-September - Start meeting with a local troop (or two)
  • August-December - Attend campouts with the local troop (including Camporees)
  • December-March - "Crossover" into troop (at Crossover Ceremony)
  • Crossover-on - Meet with troop as you are now registered Scouts BSA
  • June-August - Attend Summer Camp with troop (Many Point, Tomahawk, or other)

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