Northern Star Merit Badge Series


Northern Star Scouting’s Activities and Civic Service Committee continues to work to connect partner organizations with Scouting volunteers to offer Merit Badge opportunities throughout the year.  Using the Merit Badge program as the backdrop, program partners engage youth in a deeper understanding of a vocation or hobby tied to their mission and purpose as an organization.  These small to medium size events focus on quality hands on instruction.  Although space is limited, the intent of the Merit Badge series is to offer multiple opportunities for Scouts to take part throughout the year.   

Why Merit Badges?

There is more to Merit Badges than simply providing opportunities to learn skills, introduce lifetime hobbies, or inspiring a career path—though these invaluable results occur regularly. It all begins with a Scout’s initial interest and effort in a Merit Badge subject, followed meaningful engagement with subject matter experts, culminating in advancement and recognition. It is an uncomplicated process that gives a Scout the confidence achieved through overcoming obstacles, improving social skills, developing self-reliance, and allowing Scouts access to fields of study and interest are explored beyond the limits of the school classroom.

Explore Opportunities

Date Partner Organization Merit Badge Registration
October 14 Northwest Coin Club Coin Collecting Open
November 18 Minneapolis Electrical JATC Electricity Open
November 18 North Hennepin Sq., CAP Aviation Open
May 18, 2024 MN Pilots Association Aviation  Opens in Feb.

*Please note, some ongoing opportunities with Scoutmaster Bucky, St. Paul College, and North Star Museum are not reflected in the table above.  Check-out the tabs below for more information and links to schedules and event registrations.  

Click on a Merit Badge tab below to learn more about upcoming offerings and the program partners supporting these events:


Wings of the North AirExpo

The Wings of the North Museum offers the Aviation Merit Badge as a part of the AirExpo held at Flying Cloud Airport in Eden Prairie each July (the 2023 event will be held July 22nd and 23rd). Merit Badge participants and their families receive discounted admission to the AirExpo as a part of the event. Merit Badge instruction is provided by museum volunteers and subject matter experts. This unique event allows Scouts to complete the entire Aviation Merit Badge and provides a fun activity for the entire family.  Since 2017, this event has been responsible for 40% of all Aviation Merit Badges earned in Northern Scouting.  Special thanks to the Wings of the North Museum, and their continued support of Scouting and youth education!

2023 Event Registration Closed

Minnesota Pilots Association - Great Minnesota Aviation Gathering

The Minnesota Pilots Association offers the Aviation Merit Badge as a part of the Great Minnesota Aviation Gathering (GMAG) held at Buffalo Municipal Airport in Buffalo each May (May 18,2024 will be the next event). Merit Badge participants and families can enjoy GMAG and the onsite exhibits while participating in the course. Merit Badge instruction is provided by licensed pilots and has often featured advisors from two of Northern Star Scouting’s Aviation Exploring Posts.

Interested in Aviation Exploring, or want to learn more about Northern Star Scouting’s two aviation-related Posts?  Visit:

2024 Registration Opens 2/1/24

Civil Air Patrol - North Hennepin Squadron

The Civil Air Patrol-North Hennepin Squadron periodically offers Merit Badge Days for area Scouts at Crystal Airport in the west metro. Class sizes are normally around 20 Scouts and are taught by members of the North Hennepin Squadron.  The next event to be hosted by the North Hennepin Squadron will be on Saturday November 18th.  Special thanks to the Cadets and Senior Members of the North Hennepin Squadron for offering this opportunity to Northern Star Scouting youth! 

The Civil Air Patrol is a public service organization that also serves as an Auxiliary of the U.S. Air Force.  The North Hennepin Squadron is a local entity, similar to a Scouting unit, that fulfills the mission of the Civil Air Patrol in our community.  Consisting of both Cadet (youth), and Senior (adult) programs, the Civil Air Patrol seeks to support three missions in providing for aerospace education, emergency services, and leadership and youth development through the Cadet program.  More information about the Civil Air Patrol-North Hennepin Squadron can be found here:

Click Here for Upcoming Events and Registration

Minneapolis Electrical Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee

The Minneapolis Electrical Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee periodically offers Merit Badge Days for area Scouts at their training facility in St. Michael. Class sizes are normally around 25 Scouts and are taught by trained electricians that serve as instructors at the facility. In addition to covering the Merit Badge requirements, Scouts will have the opportunity to experience on-site training labs for a truly hands-on program. Traditionally, Merit Badge events offered by the Minneapolis Electrical JATC have been held multiple times throughout the year. Special thanks to the Minneapolis Electrical JATC for their work in providing program to area Scouts! In 2023, the Minneapolis Electrical JATC will be offering session on June 17th, August 12th, and November 18th.

2023 Registration Open

The Minneapolis Electrical Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee (JATC) is a non-profit organization jointly sponsored by Minneapolis Chapter of the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) and Local Union 292 International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW). The Minneapolis JATC offers continuing education for electricians, as well as a five-year apprenticeship program. The apprenticeship program offered by the Minneapolis JATC is registered through the Minnesota Department of Labor and consists of both on-the-job training and classroom education. More information about the Minneapolis JATC and their programs can be found here:

Ten Ring

Ten Ring, working with the Rapids Archery Club and Beaverbrook Sportsmen's Club offers Scouts the opportunity to earn their Archery or Rifle Merit Badges during weekend events. Merit Badge courses are designed to cover the entire Merit Badge in a single day session. Scouts that currently have a partial in either Merit Badge can communicate their open requirements in advance to complete their Merit Badge coursework. 2023 Winter and Spring events have concluded. Check back for future dates.


2023 Spring Event Registration Closed

St. Paul College

This Spring, St. Paul College will be offering 6 different Merit Badges on 8 different weekends, including Automotive Maintenance, Composite Materials, Health Care Professions, Truck Transportation, Welding and Woodwork. St. Paul College staff will support the course instruction, while using St. Paul College's state-of-the-art facilities. Follow the link below in order to learn more about the available program dates and Merit Badges offered.

Stay tuned for events in 2024!

Northwest Coin Club

The Northwest Coin Club offers annual opportunities to earn the Coin Collecting Merit Badge during a single-day session. Founded in 1934, the Northwest Coin Club is the oldest numismatic club in the Twin Cities. The Northwest Coin Club's regularly offers events in conjunction with coin shows at the Heritage Center in Brooklyn Park. Check-in typically begins at 8:30AM, with the course to run from 9AM until 1:30-2PM in the afternoon. Some prerequisites are required and registration is limited, so please check out the link to the website for more information and instructions on how to sign-up when it is available. The next event is scheduled for October 14, 2023, with a further event to be held March 23, 2024. Special thanks to the Northwest Coin Club for sharing this opportunity to area Scouts!

Register for the Fall session now!

North Star Musuem of Boy Scouting and Girl Scouting

The North Star Museum of Boy Scouting and Girl Scouting was founded in 1976 by veteran Scouters from the east side of Saint Paul, who felt compelled to preserve the material remains of their Scouting past for future generations. The museum offers dozens of Scouts BSA Merit Badge workshops every year, recruiting registered Merit Badge Counselors to lead these workshops. Counselors determine the prerequisites the youth must complete prior to the workshop, and they are the ultimate authority in determining whether or not the youth has met the badge's requirements. For more information, check out the link below.

2023 June - August Event Registration Site

Scoutmaster Bucky Events

Since 2009, Scoutmaster Bucky has provided Scouts access to registered Merit Badge Counselors (and award/ program-specific volunteers) through in-person and online events. Facilitated by Northern Star Scouting volunteer Brian Reiners, the Scoutmaster Bucky program has enabled tens of thousands of Scouts to work on advancements and recognitions across all program levels. The program has a dedicated website that includes a comprehensive event schedule as well as online course registration. Check out the link below in order to be redirected to the Scoutmaster Bucky program homepage.

Click Here for the Full Event Schedule and Program Registration

Sustainability Merit Badge Presented by Mickman Brothers, Inc.

Mickman Brothers, Inc. is proud to present and host the Sustainability Merit Badge for area Scouts this September (Saturday September 16, 2023). Mickman Brothers, Inc. is a locally based landscaping and irrigation company based in Ham Lake, MN. As a part of the program, Mickman Brothers, Inc. will provide expert instructors that will cover the Merit Badge requirements with registered Scouts. Registrants should be prepared to conduct pre-event prerequisite requirements in order to earn the Merit Badge on the day of the course. Any Scouts that do not complete the prerequisite requirements will be able to secure a "partial" and have the ability to earn the Merit Badge once all of the requirements are satisfactorily completed. Northern Star Scouting thanks Mickman Brothers, Inc. for offering this opportunity to area Scouts! For more information and registration, check out the link below:

2023 Event Registration Opens 7/26 at 5PM

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