Northern Star Scouting Diversity Award

​This is an award that can be worked on as an individual, as a family, as a den or as an entire unit!

The goal of this award is to help develop a deeper understanding of diversity, inclusion and equity. The Northern Star Scouting has created a series of Diversity Awards which are available for all members, in all programs, youth and adult.

The Diversity Award was created to strengthen inclusiveness and create cultural awareness and understanding.

All of our Northern Star Scouting Diversity Awards have several components: developing a better understanding of your family history and learning about other cultures/faiths, journaling and then sharing what you have learned.

More details, specific requirements and the ability to submit completed forms and order recognitions are found at:

The six different program levels of the Diversity Award are: Cub Scouts and Webelos, Scouts BSA under age 14, Scouts BSA age 14 and older, Venturers/Sea Scouts, Explorers, and Adults.

Northern Star Scouting Diversity Award