Our Camps Achieve BSA Camp Accreditation

​Each of our camp directors, camp rangers and camp staff members deserves a tremendous pat on the back for their work as these accreditations represent hours of work to illustrate to outside visitors that our operations meet over 150 health, safety and program quality standards.

Even more impressive is that this work was done while also delivering our regular, incredible programming to kids and adults. Most never know the work that goes into these visits but all benefit from the safety that they ensure.


Jake Tschida, Kiwanis Camp Director, & NCAP visitors                                    Jake Erickson, Phillippo Camp Director, & NCAP visitors


Brian Halloran, Tomahawk Camp Director, & NCAP visitors                          Alex Farrell, Many Point Camp Director, & seasonal leadership team

The other part of this story is that these accreditation visitations also represent an opportunity to show one of our core competencies – the power of volunteer partnerships.  Our reality is that because of our incredible volunteers we can achieve 10x more on behalf of kids than we could ever do as individuals.  Below are some of the incredible volunteers who made this accreditation magic happen.

Pictured from left to right are Richard Sit (VP of Camping and Properties), Julie Terpstra (Camping Committee),

Pat Norris (Conservation Committee Chair) & Chuck Gitzen (Camping Committee Chair & NCAP Lead). 

A big thanks to these four for showing up (in so many ways) to each of our camp visits and ensuring that we were prepared to meet and exceed each of our commitments.

Good things are happening in Camp Northern Star.