Our Strategic Plan

Providing direction to keep Scouting vital and relevant

Our Strategic Plan provides direction to keep Scouting vital and meeting the needs of young people and their families. Demographic and societal trend data were combined with input from leaders, members, and parents to select two Strategic Pillars and Initiatives that will drive programming. 

Strategic Pillar 1 - Strengthen Core Programs

  • Attain maximum membership
  • Evolve programs to fit desires and needs of youth and families
  • Provide effective support to units and volunteers

Strategic Pillar 2 - Broaden Impact Beyond the Core

  • Expand Base Camp Programs
  • Expand impact of key programs
  • Evolve impact measurements approach

Each has three strategic initiatives - broad tactical tasks to be carried out through specific, measurable objectives for each year of the plan.

These are built on six Foundational Elements

  • Safety Leadership
  • High Impact Marketing
  • Financial Strength
  • Asset Protection/Performance
  • Robust Governance
  • Staff Excellence

Council and district committees, special task forces, and staff develop, champion, and implement these yearly objectives. Progress is monitored and shared at our board and president's cabinet meetings throughout the year. Modifications and enhancements are made during the bi-annual council coordinated committee meetings, which bring all committees together.

The complete plan and objectives can be found as a PDF file on this page under "Documents".