Recording Cub Scout Advancement

Keeping track of the Cub Scout Adventures

On the advancement trail, a Cub Scout progresses from rank to rank, learning new skills as he goes. Each of the ranks and awards in Cub Scouting has its own requirements, which need to be recorded.

Cub Scout Handbook

The first place a Cub Scout's achievements should be recorded is in his personal Cub Scout Handbook. There's one book for each grade level/rank in Cub Scouting. The new, updated Cub Scout program began June 1, 2015, has new handbooks, and are available for purchase at all Scout Shops or online. The handbook is a perfect companion for a Cub Scout at his den meetings, outdoor adventures, and summer camp experience. Remember to keep the handbook updated when an adventure or activity is completed.

Unit Advancement Records

Each pack should have a unit awards chair whose primary responsibility is to record achievements as they are earned, maintain the pack advancement records, and purchase the badges, pins, and belt loops.

  • Track Cub Scout advancements with the existing pack advancement program. This could be a third-party program like Packmaster, or the old-fashioned, handwritten Individual Scout record sheets
  • With information provided by the den leaders, track the ranks, belt loops, and pins earned
  • Use Internet Advancement to prepare the Unit Advancement Report form for your Scout Shop purchase before each pack meeting.
  • Purchase the advancements, patches, belt loops, and pins before each pack meeting from the Scout Shop. You will need the names of each Cub Scout earning their Bobcat, Tiger, Wolf, Bear, Webelos, or Arrow of Light rank to purchase these badges.
  • Prepare the recognition items for the pack meeting. Ziploc baggies for the awards and having a fun theme work well.
  • In the event a Cub Scout transfers out of the pack, provide a printout or written report of his advancements to the family. The family can share it with the new den leader and pack.

Council Advancement records

Rank advancements must be recorded at the council office.

  • Unit Advancement Reports submitted with Internet Advancement immediately update the Scout's record at the council. If a Cub Scout's name does not show up on Internet Advancement, he is not registered and an application with fees must be submitted to the council office.
  • Other software or handwritten Unit Advancement Reports submitted to the Scout Shop when purchasing the achievements are manually recorded at the council office.
  • You may need additional forms to purchase special awards, such as Emergency Preparedness, World Conservation, Outdoor Activities, Religious Emblems, etc.

New 2015 Cub Scout program

Rank Advancement Through Adventures. Check out the new advancements program available to Cub Scouts on the national website.

  • For each rank, complete seven den-based adventures, including a family-based Duty to God adventure, to earn the rank. An adventure equals interdisciplinary, theme-based experiences, and going to three den meetings.
  • Immediate recognition should be given to a Cub Scout after each adventure (loops or pins).
  • Elective adventures are also available

Arrow of Light and Webelos transfers

Cub Scout packs must record the Arrow of Light rank before a Webelos Scout transfers and joins a Boy Scout troop.

Cub Scout transfers and their advancement record

Cub Scouts that transfer to another pack within our council keep their advancement recorded between the old and new pack.

Cub Scouts that transfer from another council will need to bring a copy of their advancement record with them, they don't automatically or digitally transfer. A manual entry of the Cub Scout's advancement record will be done by the unit awards chair in Internet Advancement or by a council registrar. A copy of the advancement history transfer should be kept on file with both the pack and the council office.

Important dates

The Cub Scout advancement program is designed to be age-specific. Ranks should be earned and recorded with the council by June 1st. However, under some special circumstances, the den leader or family member can continue working after this date but should not be working on two different ranks at the same time. Make sure you follow the BSA Advancement policies for Cub Scout and Arrow of Light requirements. (See the Cub Scout Handbooks for exact requirements.)

  • Record the date the rank was earned for each Cub Scout. You do not need to wait for an entire den to complete the rank at the same time.
  • Use Internet Advancement to record advancements. This program will print out the Unit Advancement Report to purchase the awards at the Scout Shop.