Update on National Council, Boy Scouts of America Bankruptcy

3/28/2023: Today the Delaware District Court issued its ruling on the remaining appeals from the Bankruptcy Court’s confirmation order.  It overruled all appeals and affirmed the Bankruptcy Court’s confirmation order in full, which should enable the National Council to emerge from bankruptcy in the coming days.

As a reminder, Northern Star Scouting is locally incorporated, financially sound, and fully committed to continuing to provide safe and positive youth development in all our communities.

4/19/2023: The US Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit denied the emergency motions for a Stay, pending resolution of all appeals (to the prior decisions of the courts to approve the BSA’s emergence from bankruptcy). This decision came several days after the required two-week waiting period for emergence had ended, so the BSA filed the documents to finalize the bankruptcy, making today the date of emergence.

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