Venturing Fest - Shooting Sports instructors needed

You Can Go!

This summer at SBR we are celebrating 20 years of the Venturing program. This one week event is like a smaller version of the National Jamboree, with less people, shorter waits, but all the same high adventure activities.

VenturingFest is staffed by Scouters from all across the country that possess the unique skills and devote their time to provide a memorable experience to the participants.

For shooting sports there are two different SBR areas. The Barrels location will offer rifle, pistol, and shotgun shooting on spectacular ranges with outstanding equipment. At the Scott Summit Center, we’ll be offering .22 rifle shooting on a somewhat smaller scale.

The best part of supporting VenturingFest is that as staff there is minimal cost. $250 for the entire week includes all meals and camping in two person tents in a specific staff-only location. You will need to arrange your own transportation beyond the staffing fee.

As shooting sports staff, you will need to have current certifications for whatever firearm you will support. Copies of your certificates will be uploaded during the on-line application. Beyond that it is the normal AB&C health form, current BSA registration, and appropriate YPT.

The following link will provide additional general information about staffing and registration:

VenturingFest Staff

Feel free to contact me with any specific questions or for more detailed information.

Brett Schneider
Lead Pistol Instructor, VenturingFest 2018
[email protected]

Venturing Fest - Shooting Sports instructors needed