Ideas Virtual Troop Meetings

Ideas Virtual Troop Meetings

Keep the Fun Up

Are you wondering how you can keep the Scouts engaged during virtual meetings? With some suggestions from adult leaders and ingenuity on the part of the Patrol Leaders' Council, your scouts will look forward to meetings, even though they can't meet in person.

Parents in a local troop have commented on how much their scouts love that the troop meeting has that familiar feel – meeting at the same time every week, following the same format as a regular meeting, and getting time to hang out with their patrol during the break-out sessions. A PowerPoint presentation or other slideshow format can help the scouts stick to their regular schedule. Here's the suggested meeting format:

Opening Ceremony – Pledge of Allegiance, Scout Oath, Scout Law, Outdoor Code

Meeting/ Instruction Time/Updates

Patrol Break-outs


Scoutmaster Minute

Closing Ceremony

If your PLC is looking for ideas, here are some suggestions that other troops have found to work well:

  • Advancement ideas:  Patrol Leaders figure out the requirements that patrol members would like to do for rank requirements. Ask the Scouts to gather supplies or equipment prior to the meeting. Ask another Scout to teach the others using the EDGE method. Provide time for Scouts to practice and demonstrate the skill. Keep track of who has completed the requirement and ask adult leaders to sign off in Scoutbook. Skills that can be taught this way include knots, lashings, some First Aid skills, and more. Check out the revised requirements due to COVID-19 here:
  • Guest speakers:  Merit badge counselors, community and business leaders, fitness instructors, nutrition experts, conservation workers, veterans, etc. A 30 minute presentation is just about the right length for the scouts' attention span.
  • Work on Cyber Chip
  • Scavenger Hunt for 10 Essentials, First Aid items, items found outside, or other Scouting items.
  • Have a pet show
  • Rock, Paper, Scissors Tournament
  • Games that can be adapted to a scouting, camping, or merit badge theme:  Kahoot, Trivia, Bingo, Charades, Pictionary, Jeopardy, etc.

Kahoot! -

Jeopardy -

Pictionary – use the whiteboard for drawing

  • Make some easy recipes:

Fudge in a bag -

Trail Mix

Banana Boats -

  • Have a virtual campfire program​


  • Make sure Scouts have the materials they need to work on the skills, such as rope, first aid materials, etc.
  • For skills, find a video that they can refer to after the fact. Challenge them to review and practice with a parent or sibling so they can demonstrate it at a future meeting.
  • Keep it interesting by providing indoor and outdoor activities.
  • Challenge the troop to practice requirements between meetings, such as putting up a shelter using only a tarp and rope, taking pictures of 10 native plants or signs of wildlife, making a camp gadget with lashings, going on a hike, etc.

One troop held a chopped competition among three of the older Scouts. They were given three ingredients ahead of time and a fourth "surprise" ingredient was given just before they cooked. The contestants live-streamed their cooking and the MC threw in extra surprises for the contestant, such as planking for 30 seconds or doing 20 push-ups.

Introduce some of these fun ideas and then let the scouts come up with their own twist! They will make some fun memories while keeping up with their scouting skills and continuing their bond as a troop.

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