Is It Time for Your Pack’s Cub Scouts to Level Up?

Is It Time for Your Pack’s Cub Scouts to Level Up?

Looking for Ideas for Celebrating?

Here we are, so close to summer and it's time for Cub Scouts to level up! Your pack may be planning to wait until the Scouts can gather together or you may be planning to hold a virtual celebration. Either way, here are some ideas for recognizing the Scouts, their families and the leaders for this past year's accomplishments.

If You're Able to Meet in Person (After Stay at Homr Orders Lifted)

If your pack will be celebrating in person, a fun idea to consider would be creating a giant Cub-O-Matic machine out of giant cardboard boxes, a tarp or other materials.  The Scouts enter through one end of the Cub-O-Matic, adults or older Scouts bang pots and pans from inside or behind the machine to make it sound like the machine is doing its job. When a Lion Scout enters, his neckerchief is changed inside and the Scout pops out the other end as a Tiger! Then the new Cub Scout handbook can be given upon exiting. Repeat with each level of Scouts.

If you are able to use a park or other open space, one idea is to have Scouts cross over a bridge at the site. Create an obstacle such as a spider web that they have to crawl through. Purchase a whiffle ball for each Scout and put the rank badge inside. Ask the parents to step up and hit the whiffle ball as far as they can. Then have the Scouts run to retrieve their ball and badge. A similar idea would be to tape each Scout's rank badge to a frisbee. Again, the parents would throw it out into the open field and the Scout would run after it. The Scouts absolutely love it when their parents are put on the spot!

Going Virtual

For a virtual celebration, you will need to do some pre-planning and organizing. We have designed a PowerPoint template for you to tailor for your pack's event. You will need to ask the parents and den leaders for pictures of the den and pack in action during the past year. A group photo of each den and each individual Scout would also be helpful. Download the PowerPoint and be sure to save it. Add photos and other slides to highlight the many accomplishments you all have shared this past year. The PowerPoint can be shared on the screen during your virtual event. This should work well with Zoom, 8x8, Webex and other virtual conference tools. 

Example Slideshow PDF

Example Slideshow Powerpoint

Be sure to find ways to engage the Cub Scouts in the celebration by asking them to share their favorite outing or activity with the rest of the pack. Speaking with an audience at this age helps build confidence. Also, add in the traditional cheers, skits and jokes, for even more pizazz. 

After each den's slideshow, invite the parents to change the Scout's neckerchief to the next level by placing the new neckerchief over the old one. They can then remove the old one and give a Scout handshake. If the new Cub Scout handbook is available, they may give it to them at this time.

Please remember that virtual meetings may not be recorded per BSA policy.

Enjoy your celebration as your Scouts level up and keep moving ahead on their Scouting journey!​​

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Is It Time for Your Pack’s Cub Scouts to Level Up?

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