Recruiting While Navigating a Pandamec

Recruiting While Navigating a Pandamec

By Renee Estrella-Wells, Council Membership Chair

Even with our traditional means of recruitment (parades, schools, community events) on hold now. There are still ways to reach families and recruit them during this time. 

Social media is a great tool to use for virtual recruiting, parents are spending more time on social media and are looking for activities their families can do from home.  With Facebook there are a few ways to use it to recruit.   Many communities have a Facebook group for their community or city.  Creating a post in Facebook about scouting at home and what activities you can offer will get you exposure directly into their home.

Work with your leadership team on some events that you can create on Facebook and blast to your community.  Facebook blasting is a low-cost way of blasting your event to an area around you. Some events you can create are Merit Badge Session, Virtual Camp Night, Virtual Pack Meeting, Cub Scout adventure loops.  You can communicate with those that show interest via FB messenger and host them on a virtual meeting platform, such as zoom or 8x8. 

Next Door Neighbor is like Facebook but hyper focused on your neighborhood and those around you.  You can create the same events as stated above in addition you can create posts that can target certain keywords (parenting, school aged kids etc.) this will then show up on the feeds of parents that have clicked those as interest areas when they originally signed up for Next Door.

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Recruiting While Navigating a Pandamec

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