Scouting BSA Gone Virtual, What's Successful?

Scouting BSA Gone Virtual, What's Successful?

If you had asked a Scout leader, Senior Patrol Leader or Crew President to put together a virtual meeting for their unit a year ago, they would have thought you were crazy. And now, here we are, just three months into a global pandemic that has changed how nearly every organization gets things done. Scouting units across our council are being quite creative and are continuing to successfully engage their Scouts and leaders even though they’re not physically in the same room.

What are these units doing to be successful? Troops and crews are continuing with as many of the traditional meeting elements as possible:  Meeting at the regularly scheduled day and time, wearing their Scout uniforms, and following the regular meeting format. Meetings include a greeting, opening flag ceremony, instruction time or a guest speaker, break-out sessions for patrols, a game or competition, and a closing.

The virtual format has challenged the youth leaders as well as the adults to get creative in teaching hands-on scout skills and to rethink games and competitions. Learning to adapt is a great skill for all of us! Here is a link to meeting ideas:

Why should we meet virtually? Scouts look forward to learning something new and hanging out with their friends. One parent told troop leaders how much they appreciated that their Scout could continue to connect with friends on a weekly basis and have something that was stable in these unstable times. Keep your Scouts connected weekly so that your unit stays strong.

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Scouting BSA Gone Virtual, What's Successful?

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