The Lee's Story

The Lee's Story

For more than 40 years, Jim and Linda Lee have supported Scouting youth - serving on committees, the Council Board of Directors, and as significant donors.

The Lees are devoted participants in the annual Friends of Scouting campaign.  They attend the Community Builder Celebration, and as a memorial to Jim’s father Allen, a St. Paul Police detective killed in the line of duty, established a scholarship for the Police Explorers program.

To ensure their annual Friends of Scouting gift continues beyond their lifetimes, Jim and Linda named Northern Star Council as a beneficiary in their IRA.

Sadly, Jim passed away this April, but his legacy continues through Linda and their plan to support Northern Star Scouting youth long into the future.

Farewell, Jim, a true Scouter.

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 Development Assistant - Community Friends of Scouting
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The Lee's Story

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