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Train, Track, and Report On Your Scouting Program

Scouting happens when dedicated volunteers like you work together to deliver fun adventures in their communities, at our camps, around the country, and even around the world.

Behind the scenes important information and record keeping helps to keep our programs safe, well-staffed, supplied, and running smoothly.

Why So Many Different Tools and Websites?

Scouting is made possible by local and national resources and we try to be good stewards of these resources. As technology changes and adapts it is difficult to completely abandon old systems. To take advantage of new technology, new systems often pop-up next to old systems. Finding a system that does everything in one place and well is an impossible task.

So while there are a lot of places to go, we've tried to organize everything here for you to get to the right place for the right task.

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National BSA Tools
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Internet Advancement
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Internet Recharting
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Local Tools

Unit Toolbox
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Boy Scout Summer Camp
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Scouting Event
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Camp Reservations
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All About National BSA Tools

As an adult Scouting volunteer, get access to your Scouting record and submit important information about your pack, troop, or crew. Access to various tools is based on your registered Scouting position, so be sure to submit your Adult Leader Application and follow all procedures when stepping into a new role. replaced the older system. (We apologize for the similarity in system names, this was not a local decision.)

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What Can I Do Here?
  • Update Your Contact Information (My Dashboard-->My Profile)
  • Print your membership card (My Dashboard-->My Profile)
  • Take Online Training Courses through eLearning (My Dashboard-->My Training)
  • Take Youth Protection Training  (My Dashboard-->My Training)
  • Access Training Status Information  (My Dashboard-->My Training)
  • Tour and Activity Plans (Legacy Web Tools)
  • Access Internet Advancement (Legacy Web Tools)
  • Access Internet Rechartering (Legacy Web Tools)
  • Manage Information (Legacy Web Tools)
  • Print Your Charter Certificate


The website has been replaced with Any applications used on are available at under Legacy Web Tools after selecting the Menu button on the landing page. (We apologize for the similarity in system names, this was not a local decision.)

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Internet Advancement

Internet Advancement is managed through and Scoutboook. Units can use Internet Advancement to record their youth member advancement online. This method is both easy and accurate for adding ranks, merit badges, and awards. Look for Internet Advancement in the Legacy Web Tools section of the My Dashboard menu.

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What Can I do Here?

Internet Rechartering

Internet Rechartering is the online system for annual membership renewal of your pack, troop, or crew. It is a available prior to your charter expiration and for 60 day after expiration.

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What Can I do Here?
  • Access Internet Rechartering

Scoutbook is a web-based youth advancement tracking tool. It is FREE for individual and Scout unit (pack, troop, crew, ship) use.

Scoutbook also provides messaging tools, photo and video sharing, and event and activity planning as well as merit badge counselor information for troops. Scoutbook will not necessarily replace other unit management software your Scout unit might be using, but all units should start using Scoutbook since it is synchronized with the Scouting main membership database records.

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Learn More About Scoutbook

What Can I do Here
  • Track Individual Scout Advancement
  • Track Advancement for Multiple Scouts
  • Plan Activities and Events and Send Group Messages is the National BSA website designed to connect anyone with Scouting in their neighborhood. (Locally we provide a locator tool with more robust search features. See more about that under in the local tools section of this page.)


What Can I do Here
  • Find and pack, troop, or crew nationwide

All About Local Tools

Here in Northern Star Council we've tried to develop tools to help deliver the Scouting program in a digital world. Technology moves fast and sometimes our systems compete with National systems. We're constantly evaluating the value of these tools and adjusting the best we can with the resources available to us.

Unit Toolbox

The Unit Toolbox is the gateway to updating information available on our local search tool Contact information, schools, and zip codes are all stored here.

We also load the total Family Friends of Scouting pledges for each pack, troop, and crew here every day so you can track progress to goal.

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What Can I do Here
  • Update Information
  • View Family Friends of Scouting Information
  • Access Reports About Leader Training Status

Summer Camp Management System

This system (also known as SCMS) is where we store all past and future reservations for Tomahawk Scout Reservation and Many Point Scout Camp. These Northern Star Council summer camps are the best in the country and we built this tool to make sure we have everything right where we need it.

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What Can I do Here
  • View past and future Tomahawk and Many Point Scout Camp Reservations
  • View past bills from Tomahawk and Many Point
  • Submit Rosters, Food Service, and Equipment Needs for Boy Scout Summer Camp

This locally developed website helps visitors find a Scouting group to join in their neighborhood. Search by school, zip code, address, or for a specific pack, troop, or crew. Contact the local volunteer leaders or click to join online.

All of the information on this website is updated by using the Unit Toolbox


What Can I do Here
  • Find a local pack, troop, or crew to join
  • Complete an online membership application

Scouting Event is the online gateway to registering for events and activities throughout Northern Star Council. We'll provide direct links to register on each event's web page, but you can also search the database and see everything going on in our service area.


What Can I do Here
  • Register for local training courses
  • Register for events and activities
  • Register for Cub Scout day camps
  • Register for Cub Scout summer camp
  • Register for Boy Scout winter camp

Camp Reservations is the location to reserve a facility or site for the weekend at five of our great Scout Camps: Fred C. Andersen, Kiwanis, Phillippo, Rum River, and Stearns.

Reservations are accepted up to one (1) year in advance. (District reservations and council events may be made 18 months in advance.) More about all our great camps and camp programs is available on the camping pages of our website.


What Can I do Here
  • Check availability of facilities
  • Reserve a cabin, building, or site for a weekend

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