Prepared for Learning Campaign Resources

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Northern Star Scouting is working hard to be a better partner with our public and private schools, and we need your help as a Scouting volunteer, to make that happen.

You and other Scouters in your unit, are essential influencers who can help Scouting's success in our efforts to build closer relationships with local schools and educators.

We are asking you to set up a personal meeting with an educator in your area to talk about how Scouting and education can partner to help all youth. Local Northern Star staff, CRE's and PRE's, are happy to join you for these meetings, just ask.

How It's Happening

We've prepared a variety of materials and printable resources to help with this effort (found on the "Resources and Materials" tab on this page).

Additionally, we've created an entire website dedicated to showing principals, teachers, and other educators, the benefit of partnering with Scouting. Website

The below materials are to help you on your mission to show educators the benefits of a Scouting partnership. The postcard is being mailed to teachers and principals across our council. Additionally, copies of the booklet are being printed and given to all unit leaders. Feel free to give them to friends in education or drop-off at your local school.

You can request copies of these materials using the contact information on this page, as well.

How to Find An Educator

Believe it or not, Google is your best friend for this! Because every school, public or private, will have a website, this type of information is most easily found with a Google search. Trying searching for your school district or school name. They'll usually have a staff directory or administration section of the site with contact info.

Minnesota Department of Education Superintendents of School Districts

Printed Materials


Please use the guides and information on this page to help Scouting partner with your local school. If you need our help, fill out the form below and we'll do our best to help you connect.

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Need more help or information? Try our site search and staff directory.

Prepared for Learning Campaign Resources

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