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When and Where Does My Cub Scout Pack Meet?

You've Joined A Pack, Now Where Do You Go?

Typical Pack's Meeting Frequency

Packs typically have three types of meetings

  • Pack Meetings - Once a month
  • Den Meetings - 2-3 times a month
  • Parent or Committee Meetings - Once a month

Pack Meetings

This is the "big" meeting of a Cub Scout Pack and should be run by the cubmaster (think "ringleader"). Every age group (or den) meets with every other age group for a large meeting. These meetings should be an hour to an hour and a half in length. They should include:

  • Flag ceremony
  • Fun skits performed by the kids
  • Games for the kids
  • Awards for the kids that they've earned
  • A healthy snack

These meetings should be well thought out and fun for the kids. If they seem chaotic, that's okay. We're dealing with elementary aged youth after all. In other words, if the pack is sitting around a lot, waiting for the next announcement, re-evaluate your pack meetings.

Bottomline, keep the pack meetings fun and focused on the kids!

Den Meetings

This meeting is for a specific age groups. All fifth graders will meet with each other, all fourth graders, and so on. These meetings should be, again, an hour to an hour and a half.

There is usually one den meeting where the kids learn something and have a game, and one den meeting where they'll go somewhere. This is all up to the den leaders, but plans for these meetings can be found online.

Den meetings are organized by the Den Leader but a good idea is to have every family take a month of the year and run the Den Meetings for that month. Everyone helps!

Again, remember to make them fun for the kids!

Parent or Committee Meetings

This meeting is just for the parents and adults in the Pack and is run by the Pack Committee Chair. The parent meeting happens once a month and some example topics are:

  • Current volunteer needs in the Pack
  • Coordinating pack program
  • Assisting cubmaster with upcoming pack meetings
  • Summer camp plans and status
  • Pack finances report (How is the Pack's money situation looking?)
  • Upcoming fundraisers
  • Upcoming events

This meeting doesn't need to be formal and can be held at someone's house, a local bar, restaurant, etc. Keep in mind that if you're meeting off site and drinking adult beverages, you should NOT be wearing a Scout uniform or insignia.

Where does the Pack Meet?

A pack can meet in a number of locations:

  • The chartering organization's building
  • Local church
  • Local elementary school
  • Community center

A den can meet at those same locations but they can meet a a family's house as well.

If you are new to the pack a don't know where they meet, ask the cubmaster or Committee Chair.

If you want to know where your den meets, ask the Den Leader.

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