2021 & 2022 Scouts BSA Summer Camp Reservations

​​Reservations for the coming 2021 Summer are open and available for all Scouting units. Both camps announced their 2021 Program Plans on February 1, and information on how camp will be running is available on each camp website, www.manypoint.org or www.camptomahawk.org

Reservations for 2022 Summer for Many Point and Tomahawk are reserved until May 1 for units that have a 2021 reservation. Units can reserve their same campsite and camp week up until May 1. After May 1, campsites at both Many Point and Tomahawk become first come, first serve.

Please contact Emily Heidelberg at 612-261-2460 or eheidelberg@northernstar.org to make a reservation at either Many Point Scout Camp or Tomahawk Scout Reservation. 

Summer Camp in 2021

In 2020, we had over 4000 youth attend our programs without a single documented case of COVID attributed to camp and we aim to keep that strong record in 2021! Our camps will open this coming June as scheduled.

Based on current guidance from state and national health agencies, we know that we will need to continue some level of COVID mitigation strategies. We will closely monitor the situation throughout the spring and make up or down modifications as needed. Our goal is to create a memorable, fun, safe experience that is as “normal” as possible!

What will stay the same as 2020 operations?

  • Health screenings and protocols
  • Smaller capacities in dining halls
  • No “family-style” meal service
  • Smaller group sizes during activities
  • Separation among groups
  • Sanitation and handwashing
  • Shared tenting is ok (with parent permission)
  • Carpooling is ok (with parent permission)
  • Face covering and distancing – situational
  • Whole unit can act as a household while in the campsite

What adaptations are we planning for 2021?

  • Dining halls/prepared food at Many Point and Tomahawk
  • Increased choice options
  • Advancement/merit badges
  • Older Scout activities
  • Free time
  • Out of state travel is ok
  • Regular trading post operations

Start planning now because we’re ready and excited to welcome you back this summer!
Key Dates:
Cub Summer Camp:
March 1: Reservations Open
May 1: Early Bird Deadline/Full Payments Due
Many Point and Tomahawk:
April 15: Youth Deposits Due
June 1: Full Payments Due

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