About Journey 2.0

Helping Your Pack, Troop, or Crew Succeed

Journey 2.0 is a series of guidelines to help with planning and delivery for packs, troops, and crews. These are split in to five categories we call guideposts. Journey is slightly different between Cub Scout, Boy Scout, and Venturing programs (see Related Content for specific differences). All packs, troops, and crews in Northern Star Council use Journey 2.0 as their metric of success. If you follow these five guideposts, you'll be off to a great start!

Guidepost One: Program Year Review and Reflection

Review and reflect, with your Unit Commissioner, on the results your unit obtained using the program, funding, and communication plans of the previous program year and review the leader pool available to sustain a healthy and vibrant unit. Complete no later than the end of April each year.

Guidepost Two: Plan and Fund Your Program

All packs, troops, and crews should develop program plans, along with plans to fund these programs. These plans should be finished by the end of August each year, for the following year of Scouting. (See Related Content for specifics to packs, crews, and troops.)

Guidepost Three: Communicate Your Program

All packs, troops, and crews should create plans to communicate the new plan to their youth and families. These plans should be developed by the end of August each year. (See Related Content for specifics to packs, crews, and troops.)

Guidepost Four: Basic Training

Basic Training involves Youth Protection Training and leader specific training. This training for new leaders or leaders changing positions should be completed by the end of October each year.(See Related Content for specifics to packs, crews, and troops.)

Guidepost Five: Advanced Training

Advanced Training involves Wood Badge for adults and either Grey Wolf or Kodiak Challenge for Boy Scouts and Venturers. (See Related Content for specifics to packs, crews, and troops.)

Regarding Recharter: Your Membership Renewal

Have you done your Annual Rechartering? A complete, on-time recharter is required to qualify for ANY level of Journey 2.0. Rechartering is when every pack, troop, or crew ensures that all their youth members and adult leaders are registered with the BSA, and collects membership fees. See Related Content for more info.

Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum?

If you reach five of the guideposts and made the required recharter dates, congratulations, you've officially qualified as Platinum Unit!

Annual Recognition

The District Executive and volunteer Commissioners of each district track Journey 2.0 for their packs, troops, and crews. Awards are given out to each pack, troop, or crew who reaches any of the levels of Journey 2.0. These recognitions are typically announced and awarded at the district's Annual Dinner.

What is Journey to Excellence?

Journey to Excellence is the version of Journey 2.0 used on the national level. We choose to use Journey 2.0 for all Northern Star Council, because we have tailored it to better fit the needs of our leaders and Scouts locally.

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About Journey 2.0