Curbside Kick-Offs and Unit Charter Renewal

August “Curbside Kick-Offs”!! and Core Unit Charter Check-off

Every pack, troop and crew should be making plans to attend their district “Curbside Kick-Off!” on August 5. This is the place for Scouting leaders to pick up the program and recruiting materials needed for the coming year. All locations are from 6:30 – 8:30 pm.

Materials to be distributed will include:

  • Fall recruitment materials
  • Popcorn sale info/materials.
  • Council Calendars.
  • Council Program Catalogs, with info on: Summer camps and winter camps, Fall Day Camp/”Spooky-Ree”, Popcorn sale materials, STEM and council activities, Basic leader training, University of Scouting’s, Wood Badge, BALOO, Grey Wolf, Introduction to Outdoor Leadership Skills Course, etc., And MORE!!!

NEW this year: All units should bring their “Core Unit Charter Renewal” information to the site to be reviewed. Unit Commissioners will be on hand to offer a quick Unit Charter Renewal review to help ensure that units can be re-chartered on time in the month of August.

Any questions on your Unit Charter Renewal or the location of your “Curbside Kick-off!” can be answered by your District Executive.

2021 – 2022 Unit Charter Renewal is right around the corner!

This past year seems to have just flown by – here are key points to know about the upcoming Unit Charter Renewal:

  • Registration for all NEW and all RENEWING members in Northern Star Scouting will again be able to be completed on-line.
  • All units that are registered with us will expire on August 31, 2021.
  • Highlights of Unit Charter Renewal will take place as part the Scout Chats meeting onMay 13.
  • Unit Charter Renewal training will take place in May – June. Many updates are being made to the system and to the reports that unit leaders receive, so you will want to attend this training. The exact date and more information is coming.
  • Unit Charter Renewal materials, including a unit roster and complete instructions, will be mailed out to all unit committee chairs in mid-June.
  • The on-line registration system will open on July 1.
  • Units should be contacting all of their youth and adult members in July to share with them how to renew their registration.
  • ALL units are encouraged to bring their Core Unit Charter Renewal information to their district “Curbside Kick-off!” on August 5th for a review. Contact you district executive for your location. Your “core” information should include the names of the leaders who will be serving in the required positions, and at least five youth who are renewing.
  • All Unit Charter Renewals should be turned in during the first week of August, so that we can add any remaining youth or adults who are renewing their registration and all of the fall new members right away. UNITS DO NOT HAVE TO WAIT UNTIL THEY HAVE ALL OF THEIR YOUTH AND ADULTS RENEW THEIR REGISTRATION. Waiting for all information to trickle in will actual slow the Unit Charter Renewal process down.
  • If you have any questions regarding Unit Charter Renewal, contact your district executive.


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