Scouting. Good for Life.

Our Council's Initial Brand/Image Campaign

These four words capture much of what Scouting is all about. The theme was developed by the Northern Star Council’s marketing committee with the help of the Twin Cities-based marketing communications agency Gabriel deGrood Bendt (GdB) in 2007/2008. It took us to our centennial in 2010, used our printed materials and other communications. In addition, we produced a special thirty-second TV commercial featuring local Scouting volunteers, alumni and celebrities that was broadcast on Comcast Cable Networks beginning in May and online.

It served as the precursor to the National BSA theme: "Prepared. For Life." that is in use today.

Yet "Scouting. Good for Life" still has impact.

This theme’s few words have multiple layers of meaning, offering a succinct way to share what is so great about Scouting and why it is so important to our community. Some of the meanings embedded in the “Scouting. Good for life.” theme include:

  • Scouting is good for the Scout’s life – bringing young people into contact with a network of caring adults and offering participants fun, adventure and a wide array of learning experiences.
  • Scouting is good for family life – giving parents and children meaningful time together, strengthening family relationships and building lifetime memories.
  • Scouting is good for the lives of others – organizing service projects to make our communities better places and creating an ethic of service above self.
  • Scouting is good for a lifetime – teaching lifelong values like integrity and respect for others. And the friendships made in Scouting, as well as leadership skills and practical knowledge, stay with participants long after their days as youth members are over.

You can help spread the message by including these words as you describe Scouting to those around you.

Scouting. Good for Life. Another communications message to help describe our program.

Together we can enhance Scouting's visibility, image, and reputation – resulting in a greater impact on the lives of the young people throughout our community and helping to fulfill our mission of service.

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