The Legacy of Scout Leadership

Dana Lonn joined Cub Scout Pack 56 when he was 8, earning Webelo under Dr. Ted Smith. “He was an excellent leader,” Lonn noted. Dana joined Scouting to make friends, have fun, go camping, and learn new things. He added, “Some of my oldest friends are fellow Scouts.” However, his leadership development started in earnest when he ascended to Troop 56.

Like most Scout leadership, Dana’s troop leaders provided significant guidance on his path as he earned his Eagle Scout award at age 13. “I had some great leaders,” Lonn said.

Dana explained, “Our legacy is that we pass our knowledge and experience to the next generation,” To help ensure the legacy of leadership can continue, Dana has included Northern Star Scouting in his will. Why was this important to him?

“Because of my Scouting experiences and because I feel this is an excellent organization that provides training that boys and girls need now.”

Dana Lonn’s support through his will is his deepest expression of his belief in Scouting. “I hope my gift helps to provide opportunities that I had for future generations.”

The legacy of leadership will continue for generations because of donors, like Dana, who include Northern Star Scouting in their estate plan.

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The Legacy of Scout Leadership