The Lund's Scout Story

How One Family Fell In Love With Scouting

Our son Tyler was the first to get involved with Scouting via a Cub Scout recruiting event at his elementary school’s fall open house.  The promise of pinewood racecars and sailboats was the hook, and he has enjoyed the activities and personal growth that is a part of Scouting with his pack and den mates.  While our daughters expressed interest in Scouting at the same open house, only our younger daughter would be able to participate as a Cub Scout in the same pack and would then need to find a local BSA Scout Troop for girls the following year.  Unfortunately, there were no local BSA troops for girls available to join, so we opted to put the idea on the back burner and pursue other activities.

A few months later, we saw the ad in our local newspaper indicating a BSA girls’ troop was starting up and based at a church that was a long walk or short bike ride away.  While pinewood derby was not part of the BSA program, camping, fire building, knot tying, map and compass reading among many, many other activities were all on the table.  We were excited to have an activity the girls could enjoy together, and use to develop self-reliance, confidence and leadership skills that could serve them a lifetime!  There was a small but positive catch, the fledgling troop would need additional adult leadership, and seeing an opportunity to serve and spend more time with the girls, I signed up as an Assistant Scoutmaster. Kari, not to be outdone, accepted the position of treasurer for the troop, and just like that the Lund family became a “Scouting” family.

“The lessons learned through Scouting as a boy have served me well every day of my life, though   somewhere along the way I got distracted and never completed the steps to become an Eagle Scout.  Having the opportunity to reconnect with Scouting as an adult leader has become a square knot binding the loose thread of my Boy Scout experience with new thread that is the beginning of my family’s Scouting journey with our children.”  - Jason Lund, Assistant Scoutmaster, BSA Troop 5509

Editor's Note: This article was submited by the Lund Family. Have a cool Scouting story? Share it with us!

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The Lund's Scout Story