About the Annual Fall Popcorn Sale

About the Annual Fall Popcorn Sale

Scouts sell popcorn to raise money for their program

The Popcorn Sale is the official sponsored fundraiser of Northern Star Council. Over 10,000 Scouts in hundreds of Packs, Troops, and Crews sell popcorn in the fall, raising over $2,000,000 for local Scouting each year.

Our Popcorn comes in a wide vairiety of flavors and combinations and 73% of every popcorn dollar helps local Scouting.and

Popcorn isn't just about raising money. It's also about teaching Scouts to earn their own way, interacting with grown-ups, and being more confident. We've shared some excellent parent testimonials on our popcorn website www.buyscoutpopcorn.com.

Scouts who sell popcorn can also earn prizes and invitations to awesome events that are put on just for popcorn sellers.

Getting Started

To participate, units register and then attend training in the late summer. The sale runs from late September through late October.

Questions about popcorn?

Most answers can be found on our popcorn sale website www.buyscoutpopcorn.com. You can also contact our development office or email [email protected]

About the Annual Fall Popcorn Sale

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