About the Community Builder Celebration

About the Community Builder Celebration

Bringing together young leaders of tomorrow and observes the achievements of today’s community leaders

The annual Community Builder Celebration began in 1979 as a way to recognize the young leaders of tomorrow and the achievements of today's community leaders.

Community Builder Award

Each year, the event honors and individual or couple with the Community Builder Award. To be eligible, honoree(s) must have demonstrated outstanding commitment to making the community a better place.

Spurgeon Awards

In addition to the Community Builder Award, Spurgeon Awards are presented to outstanding community leaders and/or organizations that serve as a role model for young people. The award was developed in honor of a leader in the development of the Exploring program, William H Spurgeon III.

Scholarship Presentations

Youth members in the Exploring program may apply for scholarships that are presented at the Community Builder Celebration.

  • The Allan G. Lee Memorial Scholarship is a $1,000 academic scholarship for any high school senior or graduate in the Law Enforcement Exploring program, who is pursuing a career in Law Enforcement.

Who Should Attend?

The Community Builder Celebration is an event for all who care about civic engagement. It's open to the public and proceeds support young men and women in Northern Star Council's Exploring Program.

How can I get involved?

Watch for registration for the next Community Builder Celebration on this page. Corporate sponsorships are also available.

About the Community Builder Celebration

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