Council Committees Supporting Units

Welcome! This page provides reports, information, and knowledge necessary for successful committee operation.

It leverages the talent and commitment of our district and council volunteers by providing critical information in a timely, easily accessible, and consistent format on a single site. This enables committees to focus efforts and spend more time and energy delivering an effective Scouting program to young people and their families.

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As always, thank you for all that you do for Northern Star Scouting and the youth we serve.

Council Committees

Provides leadership to activities, events, and service projects across Northern Star Scouting. 

Activities Committee

Trains unit leaders and their committees in the advancement and recognition program of the BSA, maintain councils standards, and supports unit advancement while upholding national policies.

Advancement Committee

Partners with volunteers and staff to provide and promote outdoor program opportunities that support enjoyment and recruitment of Scouts and families.

Camping Committee

Using Journey 2.0 Guideposts, this group supports unit success. District Commissioners recruit, train, and give leadership to unit and Roundtable Commissioners.

Commissioners Committee

This committee is comprised of and provides administrative leadership to the popcorn sale and the annual fundraising campaign committees.

Development Committee

The purpose of the Enterprise Risk Committee is to ensure Northern Star Council manages material risks that could affect achievement of the Council’s Objectives

Enterprise Risk Committee

Fosters, evaluates, and recommends funding for project proposals for new ideas that could create positive, significant change for Scouting within Northern Star Council.

Innovation Fund Committee

Promotes and gives guidance on attending international Scout gatherings around the world.

International Committee

Provides leadership, guidance, and support to the districts of our council as we strive for growth in membership. Help with the organization of new units, growth through new members joining existing units, and growth through the retention of our existing members.

Membership/Recruitment Committee

Become critical players in youth development across all markets through networking with other youth-serving organizations.

Outreach Committee

It is the goal of the Council Popcorn committee to create and lead a Council led fundraising option for units to raise dollars for their Scouting adventures.

Popcorn Committee

Partners with volunteers and camp rangers to provide annual maintenance and long term planning for council-owned properties.

Properties Committee

The adventure of Scouting often includes a certain level of real or implied risk. This committee is an advocate for safety, health and well-being of all participants in council Scouting programs, demonstrates leadership in promoting safety and healthy behaviors, and is a resource advancing competent risk assessment and anticipation of hazards in council programs, activities, and services.

Risk Management Committee

The mission of the Northern Star Council STEM Committee is to introduce youth to the wonders of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math through events, awards, and activities by providing meaningful programs and promoting STEM opportunities throughout the year.

STEM Committee

Provides leadership in the use of technology to deliver Scouting. Helps guide and give direction to anything digital that represents Northern Star Council.

Technology Committee

Provides high quality, comprehensive training for all adult and youth leaders through the BSA Training Continuum. Offer support for Basic, Supplemental, and Advanced training programs.

Training Committee

To promote Venturing and provide resources, support, and activities to Venturing youth and adult leaders and their Crews.

Venturing Officers Association

Highlights and Happenings