Families rent one of our beautiful cabins!

Families rent one of our beautiful cabins!

Families that are looking for a nice quiet place to relax this fall, look no further then Northern Star camps! 

Many Point, Tomahawk, and Stearns have wonderful facilities perfect for your family and extended family to rent together. These cabins are either rented as part of our summer family camp programs, or are utilized as summer camp staff housing during the season, and we're making them available to you!

At Many Point, there are two beautiful log cabins that are well maintained yet over 80 years old. Gaylords and Larkin come with multiple bedrooms, full bathrooms, internet, and a unique rustic feel that is comfortable. The wood burning fire places inside make these very cozy for your family.

Additionally at Many Point and Tomahawk, Family Cabins, Movillas, and buildings titled Shamans, Pontiac, and Lavine are nearby each other enough that you can gather multiple of your families together, but far enough apart you can rent just one and have a great private experience. Most of these facilities come with 2+ bedrooms and 2+ bathrooms, check out our page to learn the specifics.

At Camp Stearns Beim lodge is the Camp Directors summer lodging, and is available for a family of 4 to stay in.

While at camp you'll need to create your own fun - but that's easy to do! There are great destinations and attractions nearby each property. Learn more on our families page. 

How so affordable? These rental rates are very reasonable because of the support of donors through Friends of Scouting. Additionally, this is a great perk of being a Scouter - access to amazing camps for a great price!

How do you sign up? It's simple, head to our families page and check out the availability, programs, and request a reservation through our web form. Our staff will then be in touch. 

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Families rent one of our beautiful cabins!

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