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Cub Scouting

Cub Scouts go places and do things. Hands-on experiences through a wide range of fun social activities build confidence, personal achievement, and respect for self and others.

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Cub Scouting Journey 2.0 Overview

Guidepost 1: Program Year Review and Reflection

Review and reflect, with your Unit Commissioner, on the results your Pack obtained the previous program year by April 30.

Guidepost 2: Plan and Fund Your Program

Develop a program and funding for your unit with your Unit Commissioner by Aug 31.

Guidepost 3: Communicate Your Program

Develop a plan to communicate your program to families throughout the program year. Present to your Unit Commissioner by Aug 31.

Guidepost 4: Basic Adult Leader Training

  • Fully Trained* Cubmaster and Committee Chair no later than October 31
  • One Den Leader, in each Den, 30-day trained** no later than October 31

*A fully trained adult leader must have position specific training AND youth protection training.
** A Den Leader must complete online training step 1 "Before the first meeting" and step 2 "First 30 days" PLUS Youth Protection Training by Oct 31. Step 3 "Position trained" must be completed by Dec 31. Alternatively, a Den Leader can satisfy this guidepost by participating in a live program before Oct 31. 

Guidepost 5: Advanced Adult Leader Training

Have at least one Wood Badge trained** direct contact leader no later than October 31.

** “Wood Badge trained” qualifies if the adult leader has completed Wood Badge in the last 10 years.