Key Changes and Reminders for Summer Camp 2020

Key Changes and Reminders for Summer Camp 2020

Greetings Leaders,

We are very excited to welcome your Scouts to camp this summer.  Supplies and food are on hand, staff are trained and your campsite is ready for you!

Your safety is our top priority.  We have aligned our practices with COVID-19 guidelines from state health departments, Centers for Disease Control and the American Camp Association. We’ve also worked extensively with a group of physicians to review and approve our plans.

The key points of our plan focus on:

  1. Health screenings & response
  2. Social distancing and smaller groups
  3. Increased sanitation and cleanliness

Now we need your help to carry it out.  Camp is a shared community that will require all of us to ‘give a little’ so that we can keep this summer open for all.  

Though it may look and feel different this summer, camp continues to be our vital connection to each other, our mission and the outdoors.

Thank you for your commitment, time and effort to make camp a possibility for our kids this summer.

See you soon!

Travis Sutten
Director of Camping and Properties

Key Changes & Reminders for 2020

Health Screenings:

  • Daily health screenings begin the day you depart and continue throughout your experience.
  • Drivers should not allow anyone to enter a car who does not pass the health screening.  Any vehicles containing an individual who does not pass the screening will be sent back home.
  • Units will need to bring a thermometer to camp (we recommend temporal).

Illness Protocols

  • If a participant uses medications for seasonal allergies, this should be noted on the health form and they should begin taking it prior to their arrival at camp.
  • Any participants exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 will be referred to a physician for evaluation.
  • If a participant from your unit receives a test, your unit will need to isolate and may need to return home.
  • If a participant tests positive for COVID-19, your unit will need to return home. Others will be informed as needed. Privacy will be maintained.

Social Distancing & Smaller Groups

  • Your unit will do almost all activities as a unit, our goal is to limit interactions between units.
  • Following state guidelines, we need all to practice social distancing (6ft among participants).
  • Each participant will need to bring 3 face coverings and follow our camp guidelines for use.
  • We are limiting camp to just participants, which means no visitors this year.


  • Best practice is to tent with a member of your household or as individuals.
  • If tents are shared, social distancing should be maintained (6ft) and head to toe sleeping is recommended.


  • Best practice is to only ride in a vehicle with a member of your own household.
  • Other arrangements are at the discretion of parents and effort should be made to:
    • Increase physical distance among passengers.
    • Wear face coverings while in the vehicle.
    • Tentmates and patrol mates should be in the same vehicle.

Additional Items to Pack

  • Please check your camp’s website for an updated packing list.
  • Thermometer (temporal preferred) for daily health screenings.
  • Lifejackets (Scouts BSA) – to limit sharing, Scouts should bring their own life jacket if possible.  These pieces of equipment are difficult to sanitize between use.
  • Though camp will provide basic supplies we recommend additional tissues, hand sanitizer and disinfectant. 


  • Expect to wash or sanitize hands frequently.  Reminders will be shared throughout the day.
  • Program equipment will be sanitized between users by camp staff.
  • Your unit will be responsible for cleaning and sanitizing items in your campsite.  Materials will be provided daily but we encourage you to bring your own too.
  • Many ‘self-serve’ items in dining and program areas have been removed from service.

Day of Arrival

  • Your unit may be assigned a specific time to arrive at camp.  Watch for details to be sent a week prior to your arrival.
  • If drivers are not staying for camp, we ask that they drop off their participants and not linger.
  • Each participant’s health screening checklist will be reviewed by staff.

Risk Acknowledgement

  • All participants and parents of participants need to review the COVID-19 Statement of Risk.
  • All participants should be prepared to return home early if a member of their unit becomes ill or if required by state or local authorities because of changing ‘stay at home’ orders.


  • Camp will reach out 7 to 10 days prior to your arrival to share additional reminders and confirm attendance.
  • Requests for refunds for those who no longer feel comfortable attending camp due to health risk are due to our office 1 week prior to your camp arrival date.

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