National BSA Files Chapter 11

Northern Star Is Separately Incorporated and Financially Sound

Posted February 18, 2020

The financial restructuring announced today is limited to the National Council of the Boy Scouts of America organization. Northern Star Scouting is separately incorporated, financially sound and will continue to keep Scouting strong for youth in our area. 

All of our camps, programs, trainings, meetings, and activities will continue uninterrupted. For more information about the National Council's restructuring, follow the link below.

Scouting is and always has been one of the safest places for all children in our communities. “Scouting involvement served a significant protective function for youth when compared to reported rates of abuse in other youth serving organizations, activities, and even within the family itself.” From a 2012 report by Dr. Janet I. Warren, Professor of Psychiatry and Neurobehavioral Sciences at the University of Virginia, University of Virginia's liaison to the FBI Behavioral Sciences Unit.

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National BSA Files Chapter 11

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