National Membership Fee Increase Delayed for All Northern Star Units

National Membership Fee Increase Delayed for All Northern Star Units

New Business Model to be implemented in Fall of 2020

The increase in National BSA registration fees announced on October 23 has triggered an expected change in Scouting’s organizational business model. Beginning in the fall of 2020 our council will move to a “program fee” model – charging an up-front membership fee that will cover more of the true costs of program delivery, rather than charging an initial amount below costs and then asking for more later through Family Friends of Scouting group presentations.

This is a fee structure now used by many youth organizations, and it has been preferred by member families during a four-year pilot program in our Metro Lakes District. We thank them for their leadership as we tested this new approach!

Northern Star Council will cover the difference in national fees between current 2019 levels and the newly announced 2020 fees for all youth members and leaders of all units rechartering for 2020 by 12/31/2019. Delaying the implementation of increased fees will be made possible with the assistance of a strong 2020 Family Friends of Scouting Campaign, and council reserves.

Freezing the membership fees at 2019 levels will give member families and units more time to prepare for the transition next fall, to complete the rechartering steps that were already underway, and enable the council to generate new scholarship funds for families that need assistance in the future.

More information and details will be coming in the days and weeks ahead. 

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