Dear New Scouting Family

Dear New Scouting Family

Welcome to the Northern Star Scouting

You and your Scout have a lot to look forward to.

By now you should have received some basic information about how Scouting works. Maybe you've already attended your meeting. If not, it will be coming up very soon. You should also receive a calendar of your unit's meetings and activities for the upcoming year. If you don't have information about your unit's next meeting let us know right away.

Keeping Your Child Safe

Scouting is one of the safest places in our community for children, and the safety of our youth members is a top priority.

Leaders work with the comprehensive Guide to Safe Scouting and parents are encouraged to acquaint themselves with the booklet “How to Protect Your Children from Child Abuse: A Parent's Guide” and National BSA online resources included in your Scouting handbook. These steps are backed by our council's youth protection program, which includes: rigorous screening of volunteers including criminal background checks; extensive and required training; maintaining and establishing abuse barriers such as requiring at least two adults at all activities; and clear, immediate reporting procedures. Much more detailed information can be found here on our website.

All leaders are required to follow these policies during Scouting events/activities and apply the same standards in their engagement with Scouts (who are not family members) in non-Scouting activities as well.

Keeping Scouting Affordable for Families

We believe Scouting is affordable, especially when Scout's participate in our annual Trail's End Popcorn Sale fundraising campaign. Your Scout can earn their own way to camp – and more!

Exciting Outdoor Programs

Scouting is well known for camping and having fun in the outdoors. We conduct programs at eight different camps throughout the entire year. We offer a fantastic full weekend campaign for youth and their parents at our wonderful facilities during the summer and winter,

If you have any questions or concerns in the coming weeks, please feel free to contact Stephanie McCauley at 763-231-7274.

Welcome to the Scouting Family!
The Northern Star Scouting Team

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