​2022 Cub Summer Camp Reservations Open Now!

Advance registrations for 2022 Cub Scout Summer & Arrow of Light Camps are open right now!

We know that it is crucial to get the dates for Cub Summer Camp on the Pack calendar prior to Fall Recruitment. Having a date reserved gives all families enough time to plan and have a likelihood of attending camp.

Here is a quick snapshot of the process.

Packs can review camps, available dates, and make 2021 reservations online at https://camp.northernstar.org/cub-summer-programs

A $100 deposit is needed to confirm your reservations and reserves 14 participant spots (youth or adult) until late February when regular summer camp registrations open.

You can reserve multiple bocks of 14 (Example: 28 Spots for $200 or 42 spots for $300).

Packs making early reservations for 2021 will confirm their participant counts one week prior to all other Packs.

The $100 deposit is not refundable but is fully applicable to your 2021 summer camp participant fees.

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Jake Erickson

Camping Specialist
​2022 Cub Summer Camp Reservations Open Now!