2024 District Award of Merit

The District Award of Merit is intended to recognize Scouters for exceptional service to the district, or exceptional service provided in support of a district or districts by Scouters serving on council-level committees. The number of awards is limited annually to one for every 25 Scouting units (or a fraction thereof) in a district.  The District Award of Merit is a great way to recognize those Scouters that go above and beyond in their service to others, and the Scouting movement locally. Those seeking to nominate a Scouter for the District Award Merit should follow these steps:

  1. Review the District Award of Merit nomination form and Northern Star Scouting-specific procedures (located on the council website) before completing or submitting the nomination form.
  2. Gather records and information for the nominee, focusing on service to Scouting at the district or council level.
  3. Complete the national nomination form (located below), summarizing the nominee’s service record.
  4. A supporting letter of recommendation helps develop a full picture of the nominee but is not required for submission of a District Award of Merit nomination.   
  5. When the District Award of Merit nomination is complete, submit the nomination form and optional letter of recommendation to your local District Key-3 (consisting of your District Membership Chair, District Commissioner, and District Professional).  You can find your local Key-3 contacts by following the link via the website listed below.
  6. A headshot photo of the nominee in uniform on a white background is encouraged with submissions.  A full-resolution JPEG file is recommended.

Please note that districts will have individual submission timelines for nominations. Generally, the nomination period runs from November through January each year.

Key Three Contacts by District: http://www.northernstar.org/for-members/districts

The deadline for submitting nominations is January 31, 2023 by 5:00 PM.

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Michelle Pitheon

Field Assistant

Rich Tregilgas

District Executive

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