About the Historic Trails Program

Hike these special trails where history and physical fitness come alive

Historic Trails Award

To earn this award, you must plan and participate in a historic activity. A unit historic trail activity asks members to:

  1. Locate a historic trail or site and study information relating to it. (The information may be obtained from an adult historic society, public library, or people living near the trail or site.)
  2. Hike or camp two days and one night along the trail or in the area.
  3. Cooperate with an adult group, like a historic society, to restore and mark all or part of this trail (this may be done during the hike or overnight camp). You could also work with a group to plan and stage a historic pageant, ceremony, or other public event related to this trail or site. The event should be large enough to get coverage by local press.
  4. Afterwards, your unit leader must file the Historic Trails Award Application with the Council service center.

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