Annual Council Philmont Treks

Experience the excitement of Philmont by traveling there with Scouts from all over Northern Star Council

What's a Contingent?

A contingent is a group of people, and forms part of a larger group. Every year our council sends a large contingent to Philmont Scout Ranch. This group travels together to New Mexico with fun stops along the way. When the contingent arrives at Philmont it splits into smaller crews that hit the trails for a 12-day hike.

Why Should I Travel with the Council Contingent?

Philmont is a very popular High Adventure Base, and it can often be difficult to secure a spot for your crew to attend. Many Troops and Crews choose to join a contingent crew if they don't have luck with the unit lottery.

There are also many units that don't have enough people to fill their own crew at Philmont. When this happens, multiple units can join together forming a full crew! We'll also plan all of your travel to and from Philmont, allowing you to prepare for the big hike. We'll handle all the logistics.

How do I Sign Up?

Just like planning your own trip to Philmont, we start taking reservations and planning two years ahead of the trip. We open the contingent lottery in December or January of each year for the NEXT summer.

If you'd like more information, please contact the camping department at 612-261-2303.